Meet Dr. Raj

I am a Sexologist and a Sexual Health Counsellor. I am the holder of a PhD in Applied Health Sciences specializing in Sex, Gender and Sexuality from the Ashbourne University; a Masters in Art, Sex, Gender and Sexuality; a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I completed the following courses in M.F.S. Hollywood, Florida: Massage and therapy basic and advance courses, Sex Therapy, Penile Enhancement , Sexual Dysfunction Consultation and Treatment, Supplement usage and diagnosis, Advanced sexual consultancy treatment and care.​

As a Sexologist, I work with individuals and couples of any sexual orientation on a short or long-term basis. My aim is to help others who are not so inclined to develop a better understanding of the world of sex, sexuality and gender issues. Society continues to hang on to myopic views and taboo as it relates to sex. Educating, informing and entertaining the general public through mass media and social media on all issues relating to their sex lives and relationships is of utmost importance to me.​

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