About Dr Raj

Dr. Giriraj Ganesh Ramnanan, popularly know as Dr. Raj is a qualified and certified Sexologist and Sex Therapist, educated and trained in all aspect of Sex, Gender and Sexuality issues. Having obtained a Ph.D. in Applied Studies from Ashborne University of London, England and started his education journey at Nova University, Florida in 1980.

Dr. Raj has over the past thirty years is known as the premier go to expert on all sexual matters in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. He has written countless articles, novelette books and have contributed via interviews to all print and electronic media for over twenty-five years locally, regionally, and internationally. 

As a media personality, Dr. Raj has hosted many radio programs including SEXPLOSION on Power 102FM for nineteen years, SWAST on Radio Jagriti 102.7 FM, for three years, The Player’s Forum on Boom 94.1 FM for five years. He has helped establish and contributed to many other radio programs over the past twenty years.

Dr. Raj has appeared on all major Television stations in Trinidad, some in Antigua, Barbados, Guyana and Las Vegas. He has hosted The G-Spot on TV6 for a season, SEXPLOSION on Synergy TV for five years, appeared on almost all TV magazine shows in Trinidad. Presently he is hosting the Dr. Raj Show on Gayelle Caribbean with a regional reach of over forty million viewers.

As a businessman, entrepreneur, and pioneer he is the only person with the testicular fortitude to venture into the establishment of the adult sex and entertainment industry as a business in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. He has done the Adult Expo, shows and AVN circuit for the past twenty-five years. Hosted many talents both males and females in the industry to visit and perform in Trinidad.

Entertainment which is an important component of the adult and sex industry has always been a mainstay of the business operations. Assisting in the production of local and international porn, establishing the RSO Swingers’ Club 1986 and SATORO Gentleman’s Club & STRABIGALES Alternative Lifestyle Clubs 1998. He is host to many private events for Members and the public, legally and without any complications with the authorities. Part of the entertainment is promotions and development of innovative activities for personal and couples joy and satisfaction.

Dr. Raj’s adult business operations which began in 1986 and was officially registered in 1992 as Total Image Inc. Limited. He established the first public adult store (Behind the Green Doors) in Trinidad on Ariapita Avenue. As part of the business operations is the massage parlor where most of the massage offered are innovations of his expertise. 

Additionally, as part of the establishment is the Adult Therapy Centre where Dr. Raj practices his qualification and experiences in the treatment all sexual dysfunctions in males, females and couples offer in sex therapy, counselling and advise. He has branded his business as Dr. Raj Adult Boutique Limited and established as of September 2021 seven outlets throughout Trinidad and one affiliate business in Tobago.

All aspects of the businesses and Dr. Raj and his qualifications have been investigated by all statutory entities, print and electronic media. The business operations are all legal and registered.

We are on the cusp of transforming the business engaging all media, with a website presence, virtual, store, retail outlets (to ten over the next five years), wholesale of all adult toys, supplements, gadgets, pumps, and many more items and specialized programs for the betterment of all.


Its’ what I do.

As a Sexologist, I work with individuals and couples of any sexual orientation on a short or long-term basis. My aim is to help others who are not so inclined to develop a better understanding of the world of sex, sexuality and gender issues. Society continues to hang on to myopic views and taboo as it relates to sex. Educating, informing and entertaining the general public through mass media and social media on all issues relating to their sex lives and relationships is of utmost importance to me.

I work closely with my clients to address all their issues, using integration and application of a number of evidence – based strategies such as “solution-focused approach”, “person-centred approach” and cognitive-behavioural therapy”. By using these approaches I assist my clients in understanding, managing and adjusting their thoughts (cognitions) and actions (behaviours). ​

Sexual concerns and difficulties are progressive and most times when a client visits me, it would have been issues that would have developed over time, and if not addressed the long-term effects can destroy one’s relationships as well as their quality of life. I am very passionate in my work and the dedication and commitment that I give to my clients with achieving a solution cannot be underscored.

It is for this reason, that I continue to promote the Adult Industry not only in Trinidad and Tobago but the Caribbean and by extension Internationally. To achieve this, I continually engage in research in all areas of sex, gender and sexuality so that the education I offer my clients will always be relevant.

My advice to my client: “The negative effects of sexual health issues continue to plague many relationships, do not let this happen to you. Reach out and I can guarantee you that you will receive the help and guidance you need to improve the quality of your life and your relationship.

I aim to provide the most modern, relevant and reliable sexology and relationship information as well as products which will empower you to build and maintain success in relationships, sex and life!

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